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    As a manufacturer & trader, we understand that quality is the fundamental expectation of our customers. From development and design through shipment, we deploy a robust quality management system to ensure customer expectations are achieved.
For Our Own Factory
1. Automatic Production
    Enhanced automation equipment ensures product quality and reliability, minimizing variation due to labor content and frequent labor changes.
2. Quality Control Process
    Comprehensive program from incoming inspection through shipment:
    (1) Incoming raw material and components inspections, including secured warehouse facilities
    (2) In-line production quality management
    (3) Finished product quality inspection
    (4) Pre-shipment quality review
3. Training
    All production workers receive minimum of 40 hours of training annually.
    20% of workers are cross trained to ensure production stabilization and optimization.
For supplier
    1. Initial inquiry and factory audit
    2. Quality certificates and sample quality check in house
    3. Trial order with confirmed sample and related quality specifications
    4. First production incoming material certification and quality assurance visit for each major process
    5. Finished product 100% quality inspection by supplier and final inspection report needed.
    6. Before shipment quality check and send mass production sample for customer’s review, third party         test if it is necessary.