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The Company & The product
FengYa 3H Tools specialize in offering a full range of tools for the professional and DIY markets, which including all kinds of hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, automobile tools and safety protection tools...Our core competenices include product development, creative marketing, and supply chain management. Our comprehensive product programs ensure we can offer world-class one stop sourcing for our global customers.

Our products are distributed to more than 30 countries through an effective network of partners, which located in Australia, U.K., U.S., Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia,
Thailand, Iran and United Arab Emirates. Through the establishment of strong relations with its partners, FengYa is aiming to achieve continuous satisfaction of its customers through effective cooperation and customer service.

The Version
Since FengYa foundation until today our vision has been the corner stone, on which the company developed and grew to what it is today. FengYa' s vision is: Creating/sourcing quality and competitively priced products, which will be distributed through well-established network of partners, so as to satisfy final customers in the best possible way. This vision along with the care for the customers and the indispensable input of the employees has resulted to the growth of the company, and will continue to contribute positively in the continuous development of FengYa.

The Departments
The company’s personnel have had a vital role in the progress of FengYa. The various departments that constitute the company are Customer Service, Marketing, Research & Development, Quality, Accounting, Purchasing, Auditing, Shipping, Administration, and Production. All departments work dynamically, having as a common goal the success of FengYa. The cooperation between the departments contributes immensely in the proper operation of the company so that on time decision-making, and problem solving is possible, allowing us to satisfy your needs and demands as customers.

FengYa believe in partnerships and we are looking for an opportunity to prove what we can do.